About Me

I am Remco Rijkhoff, founder of Rijkhoff Language Services. I was born in the Netherlands in 1972 and graduated from Leiden University in 2002, majoring in Japanese Language and Culture with a specialization in translations. I have worked in Japan for over a decade, as a teacher, as an English conversation tutor, as an interpreter/translator, as a Coordinator for International Relations and as a Christian wedding celebrant. I married a beautiful woman from New Zealand with whom I have two children whom we raise bilingually (English and Dutch).

I have always believed that languages are nothing more than handy tools that facilitate communication between people, and as such I have been an avid collector of such tools. This has resulted in a current fluency in three languages: English, Japanese, Dutch and Dutch, and a reasonable fluency in German and French. Consequently, I started up Rijkhoff Language Services which specializes in high-quality and NAATI-certified Dutch-English translations.

I strongly believe that providing excellent service is the key factor of having a successful business, next to speed and good pricing, and have taken as my business philosophy an old Japanese saying お客様はお神様です (Okyakusama wa okamisama desu) which means: “Customer Is God”.

I am looking forward to working for you.

Yours sincerely,

Remco Rijkhoff M.A.

Owner / Translator – Rijkhoff Language Services